You're a Shop Owner.

You’ve had clients walk out of your shop, after you have explained to them how unsafe their vehicle is.

What happens if they drive away and get killed, kill their passengers or kill another person because of their decision?

If the police or insurance companies come looking for you, you’ll want evidence that you did everything you could?

That’s where Unsafe Cars come in.

Why Unsafe Cars Exists:

We care about lives

When a vehicle owner decides to be irresponsible and chooses to drive an unsafe vehicle it should make others angry . These vehicle owners are not typically financially unable to repair but really decide to defy logic and laws just to be cheap or defiant.

The vehicles on the road you drive with, beside, opposing you on a two lane road, stopping at a red light when you are going through a green, on the freeways with children in the car or other passengers all need to meet a standard that meets at least a minimum standard. We trust those vehicle operators are as diligently caring for their vehicle as a responsible owner has.

The system is broken

The problem right now with car safety is that “nobody cares until it is too late” The lack of an annual safety inspection in Ontario has left many unsafe vehicles on the road. The police won’t act when called (they will take a report but no action). The MTO won’t act when called (they won’t even take a report). So the vehicle continues to get driven.

If you are a mechanic that spots these vehicles who actually knows something and is trained for this is often frustrated by your findings under a car and there is no way to do anything about it, now you can. Subscribe to this blog site and get the most current pics and info about what is on Canadian roads.

Drivers risk themselves & you

There is a criminal charge that is getting more popular now (reckless endangerment). When a person knowingly drives an unsafe car and that car breaks in such a way as they were warned about the law does charge the car owner.

Canadian motorists and pedestrians deserve to know the vehicles around them are held accountable.

Lets be safe!!! This society polices restaurants for cleanliness (that’s good ) it has many laws in place to protect the innocent but this is an under serviced area for too long.

Get responsible, get involved

This site is a place to post photos and the information about unsafe vehicles that technicians and shop owners see all to often. This site is dedicated to save the lives of the unsuspecting and get the junk off the road or get it fixed right. This site is for insurance companies to check the postings for cars they insure to see if they are safe or if anybody has posted anything.

This site is a legitimate place to verify information as the posters information although confidential and not shown is mandatory for the ability to post . There will be lisc plate numbers and vehicle identification numbers listed on each post so please submit

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