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1992 Dodge Dakota

This vehicle was towed (thankfully) into my shop to have a CVIP notice and order! check out the pictures I snapped. I failed this truck due to these hazards as well as a bent front cross member and failed ball joints. Thank god it was towed away with a fail status, but who knows if it made it back on our roads or not….

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1999 Mazda MPV

This vehicle came into our shop a few years ago wanting a Motor Vehicle Inspection (here in Nova Scotia they are done every 2 years) , the owner got mad because he spent the whole weekend doing this to the hood of his wifes van. The spray foam & tape will not keep the hood latched properly and the crack in the windshield she is use to it and he is tall enough that he just looks over it. He […]

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1996 Escort

This vehicle came into our shop in July 2013 and asked for an A/C inspection and oil change. After lifting on the hoist and practically punching the hoist arm through the under body I asked the customer if he was aware that his car had so many holes through the floor and he should look at buying a new car. An A/C inspection is the last thing he needed! His response was he had no idea it was that bad […]

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2006 Chevrolet Tahoe

The owner of this Chevrolet Tahoe said he was having trouble steering when he brought is truck into Fort Gasland Hart Transmission in Fort Saskatchewan, Alta. The technicians there quickly found out why.

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How Could this Car Be Certified?

Believe it or not!!! This vehicle came in for an oil change and to our shock the customer said that he just got it certified 3 weeks ago. The exhaust barks ( leaks badly ) from the resonator and the rocker panels are non existent. The brake lines are rotted, the car will hardly stop if you stomp on the brakes. The result: We reported this to the owner and refused to change the oil. The customer drove it away […]