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1997 Blazer

Went to remove transfer case and found SIR module strapped to the torsion bar, yet the bolt holes for its normal mounting were ok but not used.

97 Chev Astro

This van came to the shop for a flat repair. I almost drove into the wall bringing it into the shop it had no brakes at all! The tire I was supposed to repair was damaged from run flat. A used tire went on it and out the door it went! Again these people can afford to insure and fuel their vehicles but cannot make life or death repairs!!?!?!?!

Roland’s thoughts on

Auto parts suppliers should not be allowed to sell safety-related parts such as steering and brake components to anyone, other than licensed repair shops that hold a valid, current safety inspection certificate. This would eliminate the unfair competition from back-yard auto repairs. The back-yarders pay no taxes, no insurance, no employee benefits etc, no wonder they can undercut us. The government claims that E-testing is an effective methed of getting old cars off the road. A mechanical fitness inspection that […]