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Lisa Chaing

Hello – I am the bookkeeper at Gary’s Maintenance in NOTL, ON. Love your page/website – saw your article in the October issue of Canadian Technician. Sadly, this is a much-needed forum for mechanics and auto technicians to meet, discuss and spread the already-known word. My request is for the print on the website to have more contrast so it is easy to see (very difficult to see the words). Thank you, and have a great day, Lisa ?

Roland’s thoughts on

Auto parts suppliers should not be allowed to sell safety-related parts such as steering and brake components to anyone, other than licensed repair shops that hold a valid, current safety inspection certificate. This would eliminate the unfair competition from back-yard auto repairs. The back-yarders pay no taxes, no insurance, no employee benefits etc, no wonder they can undercut us. The government claims that E-testing is an effective methed of getting old cars off the road. A mechanical fitness inspection that […]