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  • Front of subframe
    Front of subframe
  • Leaking fuel tank
    Leaking fuel tank
  • Subframe other side
    Subframe other side
  • Subframe torn out around control arm bolt
    Subframe torn out around control arm bolt

2012 Ford Taurus – All round truck and auto

Shop: All round truck and auto Vehicle Model/Year: 2002 ford Taurus The Report: Rotten sub frame, leaking fuel tank, ball joints tie rods, and huge rust holes! (Not to mention it has a child seat in the back)

Stephanie Reid

Vehicle is unsafe for road. Right rear wheel bearing excessive play. Both front (RH worse) balljoints excessive play. Customer claims vehicle was recently safetied. Threating phone calls from some man claiming to be the drivers father. Red vehicle with yellow door! Auto Repair Shop Name: PETERBOROUGH MITSUBISHI

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1999 Hyundai Sonata

This car is leaking power steering fluid so badly the owner just drives in empty now. Of course he needed an e-test. The annual safety inspections will fix this. The police did pull this guy over for an expired sticker but did not yank the plates. I think the police are not mechanical enough to feel confident to call this.

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2000 Dodge Neon

Look at this. Why haven’t the police pulled this one off the road? Time to bring in Annual safety inspections? Hmmmmm…

2003 Ford Econoline

This van shouldn’t be anywhere near the road and this person is now leaving on a road trip to Tennesee for Christmas 2013. He doesn’t care in the least that the tie rods and ball joints are falling right off and I mean falling right off. There is not a chance that he won’t roll this van if he loses just one component at the wrong time.

2000 Chev Cavalier

Why can this stay on the road when it wouldn’t meet a safety inspection standard? It is a broken system that let’s this drive on the same roads as good cars!

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1998 Ford F150

This truck showed up to have a frost plug installed!

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1997 Blazer

Went to remove transfer case and found SIR module strapped to the torsion bar, yet the bolt holes for its normal mounting were ok but not used.

97 Chev Astro

This van came to the shop for a flat repair. I almost drove into the wall bringing it into the shop it had no brakes at all! The tire I was supposed to repair was damaged from run flat. A used tire went on it and out the door it went! Again these people can afford to insure and fuel their vehicles but cannot make life or death repairs!!?!?!?!

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1992 Dodge Dakota

This vehicle was towed (thankfully) into my shop to have a CVIP notice and order! check out the pictures I snapped. I failed this truck due to these hazards as well as a bent front cross member and failed ball joints. Thank god it was towed away with a fail status, but who knows if it made it back on our roads or not….