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2001 Chrysler Sebring

Jay Ball of Jed’s Auto Repair in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia submitted this case to our Eye Spy collection. The ball joints on this Chrysler Sebring were held together with zip ties.

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1997 Ford F-150

This 1997 Ford F-150 came into Budget Brake and Muffler in Red Deer, Alberta. The technician, Craig Smith found two c-clamps holding the left manifold flange together.

Unsafe Cars Featured on Canadian Technician

Unsafe Cars are finally getting some traction. We are desperate to protect people on the roads, and protect mechanics from customers who don’t care if their vehicle isn’t roadworthy. Visit Canadian Technician today. Canadian Technician is a place for experts in automotive to gather online, share ideas, opinions and expertise, and have your chance to be heard by the auto repair industry.

Rotted Brake Lines London Ontario

This customer was shown this photo on their van and decided to drive away.

Strut tower rotted out

The frame is falling out on this vehicle . He drove away and has likely been driving for 7-8 months like this.

Rotted Brake Lines

These lines were on the verge of blowing. This customer decided to blow us off!