Protect Yourself.

Consider this scenario. A client comes into your shop. Their car is a wreck, it’s unsafe. It shouldn’t be driven on the road. You tell the client this, they tell you to not repair it. You have no options, you let them leave the shop.

Lets say that they get into an accident, its fatal for them, their passengers or another driver. The police and insurance want to know where they went to get a repair, and your name comes up on their radar. What kind of negligence charges could you face?

We help protect you.

Our site will allow you to send a report and photos of a vehicle that came into your shop a wreck, and left a wreck because of the decisions of a client. This is a place to post photos and the information about unsafe vehicles that technicians and shop owners see all to often . This site is dedicated to save the lives of the unsuspecting and get the junk off the road or get it fixed right .

This site is for insurance companies to check the postings for cars they insure to see if they are safe or if anybody has posted anything.

This site is a legitimate place to verify information as the posters information although confidential eand not shown is mandatory for the ability to post. There will be lisc plate numbers and vehicle identification numbers listed on each post (so please submit)

This site is not a site that is for cars to be reported that just need paint or a wash, there are many well kept mechanical and safe cars that are aged or cosmetically appealing.

This is a site where reports about bald tires , holes in floors , exhaust and mufflers that have holes in them,brakes, steering and things that really you wouldn’t want your kids riding in.

You fill out our form and send us the images and we will post them and file the email for you.

This service is completely free, we won’t use these or share them unless you request them back.

If it’s a video let us know, try to send it to us thru services like dropbox or a file sending service.

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