Protect Our Roads.

It is our hope that the the fear of authorities looking at this site for reference will become a guardian for the current poor decision making and lack of care we see too much of and get some of these vehicles off the road or repaired.

We hope that the Ministry of Transportation would use this site to crack down on and see what we have been seeing for too long.

We hope that Canadian technicians and shop owners can protect themselves here and refer authorities to this site where they made it clear what they saw. (please shop owners and technicians have your customer sign a work order telling them it is unsafe to drive in the condition it is in to protect them and yourself).

When a vehicle owner decides to be irresponsible and chooses to drive an unsafe vehicle it should really piss off those that do. These vehicle owners are not typically financially unable to repair but really decide to defy logic and laws just to be cheap or defiant.

The vehicles on the road you drive with, beside, opposing you on a two lane road, stopping at a red light when you are going through a green, on the freeways with or children walk in front of, that carry unsuspecting passengers all need to meet a standard that meets at least a minimum standard. We trust those vehicle operators are as diligently caring for their vehicle as a responsible owner has.

Currently a lisc mechanic can decline a car to be put on the road if a person is attempting to get an ownership transfer or lisc a purchase as is vehicle.

This same mechanic can not do anything if an unsafe vehicle is in his bay for related or unrelated services. This web site finally gives him a voice.

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